Press kit


Developer: Monkeys Tales Studio/IVIPRO

Release date: 29/01/2021 (PC, Mac)
08/06/2023 (Consoles)

Platforms: PC/Mac

Languages: Italian, German, English

Regular price: 6,99 €

+39 348 8117908

Description & Features

A Painter’s Tale is an adventure game that tells the story of the tiny Südtirol village of Curon Venosta by mixing reality and fiction. The old Curon was flooded by the waters of Lake Reschen in 1950 due to the construction of a dam. What lies beneath the bell tower still emerging from the lake?  

  • Explore the old village of Curon, reproduced with the voxel technique starting from the scale model preserved in the Alta Val Venosta Museum
  • An original story that combines historical facts and elements of fiction
  • Meet the inhabitants of Curon and relive the events that led to the flooding of the old village
  • Multiple choice dialogues let you decide how to behave with the villagers
  • Face challenges and play mini games while you progress with the story
  • Unlock and collect information sheets about the history of Curon and the traditions of the South Tyrol
  • Featuring actual oil paintings and charcoal drawings